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For adult alternative artist Kazhmere- the term strong and silent type is an understatement. Like the scratchy woolen fibers that are woven with care into cashmere, one of the softest and most sought after fabrics’ – Kazhmere too has been worn down through his own trials brought about by illness and the struggles of the independent musician-though Kazhmere has been able to remain strong while being softened. As for silent- though he minces few words in conversation-through his music he breaks his silence to reveal a story that tells of his anger, pain and a return to peace and joy.


His unique story, deep talent and perseverance to his craft was noticed by Canadian based producers, AMP Records, who have recently recorded a five song EP with Kazhmere. AMP Records noticed Kazhmere when his band won artist competition in 2009, and has had their eyes sharply fixed on the hardworking performer whilst he continued to play every venue in Vancouver and put out four solo albums independently. Kazhmere has a Canadian tour, and will be releasing his first single to national radio stations in the fall of 2013.